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Gardening is in my blood! I was born and raised in a greenhouse in Welland and have worked in the family business until 2012. Growing up in a family run greenhouse operation and garden centre, I soon realized that plants were truly my passion.

             After studying horticulture part time (while working full time), and spending 6 months in The Netherlands working in the bulb industry, I decided I wanted to be part of the family business. In 1985, I took over the ownership and management of the retail sector of the business. Under my leadership, the garden centre won many awards of excellence, and in 2003, we won the Retailer of the Year award (a national recognition awarded by the Canadian Gift and Tableware Association). In 2011, we celebrated 50 successful years in business.

             In 2011, I sold my half of the business to my brother and I am now pursuing a career in Horticultural Therapy. Now I can offer more of myself to people who may have special needs. I have always felt it part of my job to promote plants and horticulture! I want to work with people in any and every way possible. My goal is to find out what the needs are in my community (Niagara Region), and how I can use the growing of plants and plant related activities to enhance and improve a person’s emotional, social, physical, and spiritual well being.

             It is amazing and wonderful to see the positive impact of plants and nature on people!

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